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Below is a link to online Triib WOD blog. All workouts will be posted on this easy to use blog every evening at 8PM. Please feel free to utilize the Triib WOD blog or utilize our website to see your daily workout information.

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WOD – Monday – 01/23/17

Strength Conditioning:
EMOM for 14 minutes:

Odd-  3 Front Squats @75% 1RM
Even-  5 Box Jumps 30/24″



For Total Time:

Russian KBS 2/1.5pd
Squat Snatches 95/65

WOD – Friday – 01/20/17

Strength Conditioning:
EMOM minutes 1-5:
3 Snatches (unbroken) @60% 1RM
Rest 2 minutes

EMOM minutes 7-12:
5 Snatches (Singles) @75% 1RM
Rest 2 minutes

EMOM minutes 14-20:
1 Snatch @80% 1RM



10 minute AMRAP:

21 OH Walking Lunges 45/25# plate
15 Sit Ups
9 Hollow Rocks

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