August Spotlight Athlete



Jonathon ‘Jonny’ Hunt is our August Spotlight Athlete!  Jonny has been with us for 8 months and is fully dedicated to improving his performance everyday he is in the gym.   He is always working hard to improve his skills and mobility, even after giving it all in the WOD.  Jonny has a healthy competitive drive that keeps him going, while always encouraging others to do their best.  Those of you that have the privilege of working out with Jonny know that you if stand around too long after the work out, he will usually ‘drag’ you out for that extra run.  Keep up the good work Jonny!


CS:  Tell us about your life outside the gym.

JH: I have been the General Manager at Steak ‘n Shake for the past 10 years. I am also a single dad living in greenwood with my daughters who are 14 and 10 years old.

I enjoy Playing basketball and disc golf. Huge Baseball and UFC fan as well. Spending time, and being involved in activities with my family is extremely important to me.

CS: What is your athletic experience including time CrossFitting?

JH: I played baseball and basketball growing up. I still enjoy 3-on-3 tournaments with my dad whenever possible. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 8 months now.

CS: What is your favorite move/wod?

JH: I really enjoy any WOD that pairs running with squats.

CS: What is you least favorite move/wod?

JH: Overhead squats are the death of me, I broke my elbow playing basketball a few years back and it healed where I can’t come anywhere close to extending it fully, So trying to hold weight over my head to prolonged lengths of time is torture.

CS: How has CrossFit changed your life?

JH: One of the best choices I’ve ever made… Belonged to another gym for the past 5 years and went 6-7 days a week each and every week. But I needed a better push and needed direction other than what I just randomly wanted to get done on that day. I’m very very happy with the progress I’ve made and am more excited to see how much farther I can take this. My dad is one of my best friends in the world, and doing CrossFit together has only brought us closer and given us something else to talk about and look forward to.


CS: What is your greatest Crossfit accomplishment and future goal?

JH: My greatest accomplishment so far is honestly being able to do overhead squats with weight on the bar. It took Brandon a month to get me to the point where my elbow had the flexibility/strength to support the empty bar, and now I’m excited to be building off of more and more weight. My next goal on my list is to be able to do handstand pushups.

CS: What motivates you to stay fit?

JH: I’m a very competitive person, and always trying to be the best at what I do (from basketball to CrossFit to work) are all huge motivating factors.

CS:   What advise would you give to someone thinking of starting CrossFit or new to CrossFit?

JH: Crossfit is a challenge, but it’s fun, the trainers are knowledgeable and are there to make you better. It’s easy to measure your own progress and the sense of satisfaction that you get after completing a tough WOD is unmatched. The onramp is a great tool and helped introduce me to a majority of the moves from skill-work to body weight exercises and everything using the barbell. Lastly, I would say that the ability to scale every workout to where you are personally at the moment physically (and mentally for that matter) is not only good for peace of mind, but also makes every WOD possible for all levels.

CS: What is something we don’t know about you?

JH: I grew up in a small town in western Minnesota. I’m a huge Minnesota Twins fan.

CS: If you were not in the gym you would be ?

JH:  Spending time with my family, they mean a great deal to me.

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