December Spotlight Athlete


Shanna Krieger is CrossFit Sworn’s December athlete of the month.  She is also yet another success story in our community.  Shanna had no athletic experience before her husband Steve convinced her to join him in our July on-ramp program.  What she did have was a great work ethic and a strong desire to learn the movements properly.  She has since lost 20 pounds and gained a ton confidence as well as ‘little muscles when she flexes’ 🙂   She loves the feeling of accomplishment she achieves, physically and mentally, after every wod.    Shanna would encourage anyone to give CrossFit a try.  She admits that she was intimidated at first, but is proof that if you are willing to take just a small step outside of your comfort zone and put some hard work in, you WILL get results!  We are very proud of you Shanna!



CS:  Tell us about you!

SK:  I work remotely for Paylocity, a payroll company based out of Chicago. I have been there about 6 ½ years and I really enjoy it. Working from home can be challenging at times, but I love the benefits…especially this time of year! I have been married to my amazing hubby, Steve, for almost 9 years now and he is the one who talked me into trying crossfit with him. We also have 3 spoiled rotten dogs that are our fur children.

CS:  Tell us about your athletic experience including time cross fitting.

SK:  I basically had no athletic experience prior to starting crossfit. I had a few feeble and short lived attempts at joining gyms, but I never knew what to do and when I didn’t see any results I would quit. I started crossfit in July, so this is the longest I have stuck with anything 🙂

CS:  What is your favorite move/wod?

SK:   Push press, bench press, and jerks.

CS:  What is your least favorite move/wod?

SK:  Anything I am not really good at such as but not limited to: wall balls, running, burpees or moves with the bar overhead. I tend to not like to do things I am not good at, not just at crossfit 😉

CS:  How has CrossFit changed your life?

SK:  I have lost about 20 pounds so far, which I am super happy about. More importantly is that I have kept at this longer than anything I have tried before and I love the feeling I get after completing a workout. Also, I can feel a little muscle when I flex which is something new to me and I like it!

CS:  What is your greatest Crossfit accomplishment and future goal?

SK:  I think simply showing up every week is a huge accomplishment for me. I really want to continue with this, improve at it, and maybe one day be able to do an RX wod, or a pull-up. I want to get stronger and improve my cardio so I can complete better wods.

CS:  What motivates you to stay fit?

SK:  I like the results I have seen so far and I feel that if I continue with my weight loss, that some of this muscle I am building will start to show. Going to crossfit gives me the feeling that I am doing something that is tough and that I never thought I could do, so it is affecting me more than just physically.

CS:  What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting CrossFit or new to CrossFit?

SK:  Just try it! I was very intimidated by it and my husband had to really talk me into it. He had worked out his whole life, where I had not and I simply did not think I could do it. I was surprised by how much I enjoy it and the best part is that everyone has been so nice. There are no huge egos that I have seen and everyone is so supportive and positive…it is just amazing!

CS:  What is something we don’t know about you? I have somewhat of a nail polish fetish. I probably have about 60+ bottles and counting. I think if I could make enough money doing nails, I might switch careers.

CS:  If you were not in the gym you would be???

SK:  Working most likely, but I like spending time with my family and dogs, shopping, or catching up on my DVR.


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