May Spotlight Athlete



Chris Kahrer is Sworn’s May Spotlight Athlete!  Chris and his girlfriend Alexis began CrossFit together in our on-ramp 7 months ago, and love the supportive family atmosphere that is CrossFit Sworn.  He knows no stranger, and always has a great smile and positive attitude when he walks into the gym. Chris likes that with CrossFit you can enjoy the health benefits of working out while having FUN!  He would encourage anyone to give it a try, but to shop around the many CrossFit gyms before you decide-of course for Chris and Alexis, CrossFit Sworn was ‘by far the best one we found’.  Thanks Chris-keep working hard!

CS:  Tell us about yourself, occupation, family, hobbies.

CK:  IUPUI Groundskeeper/maintenance, Kelley School of Business student. I am an only child. My hobbies include spending time with my lovely and beautiful girlfriend Alexis Ellis, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, going to the shooting range, playing with my pups, enjoying craft beers, occasionally messing around with my skateboard, and of course CROSSFITTING!!!!

CS:  Tell us about your athletic experience including time cross fitting.

CK:  I played baseball while growing up, then found skateboarding and that became my life throughout middle school and high school, off and on went to various gyms here and there, and in October I entered the On-Ramp and it was love at first lift!

CS:  What is your favorite move/wod?

CK:  I have a few favorite moves like Clean & Jerks, Snatches, and Over Head Squats. I really like all the mobility we do, it’s great to feel all loose and limber before we lift and do a wod. I don’t have a favorite wod, yet, I like a lot of the wods that we do.

CS:  What is your least favorite move/wod?

CK:  I would have to say that my least favorite moves would have to be burpees and double unders, the du’s only because I am still haven’t gotten them down yet, but they are getting better!

CS:  How has CrossFit changed your life?

CK:  Crossfit has changed my life in several ways, I finally found a gym I actually enjoy going to and look forward to going to from the minute I get up. I wasn’t too sure about it when I was first looking up what crossfit actually was, but Alexis wanted to find something different that we both could do. After our first few days in the On-Ramp I knew I was hooked, I had no idea how much fun crossfit was. After crossfitting with Crossfit Sworn for the short time of 7 months, I found that I didn’t just join a gym, no I joined a family! A family that motivates you to push harder until that timer goes off, cheers you on, and is always there for you in and out of the gym. Crossfit has changed my life in so many ways, I actually enjoy working out, being healthier, being able to do things I didn’t know I could do, and of course picking up heavy things!

CS:  What is your greatest Crossfit accomplishment and future goal?

CK:  My greatest accomplishment with crossfit I would have to say is sticking with it and loving it. My future goals with crossfit would be actually doing strict pull ups, climb the rope and be able to do handstand walks, also I want to be able to place better in the open workouts and to do them Rx’d.

CS:  What motivates you to stay fit?

CK:  What motivates me to stay fit would be how I have lost weight and slimmed down, and I noticed it a lot looking at the pictures from our first few On-Ramp classes. I am also motivated to stay fit because I enjoy crossfitting and have fun doing it. It’s always exciting when we max out or repeat benchmark or regular wods and being able to see how much better I am able to do them and increase the weight or decrease the times.

CS:  What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting CrossFit or new to CrossFit?

CK:  I would definitely say to them keep an open mind and really give it a shot. Also research the gym you are thinking of checking out because we looked around at a lot of different crossfit gyms around town and Crossfit Sworn was the by far the best one we found and definitely the most inviting and friendly!

CS:  What is something we don’t know about you?

CK:  Let’s see something you don’t know about me….I’m really good at playing pranks!!!!

CS:  If you were not in the gym you would be                                    ?

CK:  If I am not in the gym I am usually working or in class, which is about 90 percent of my time.

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