November Spotlight Athlete


Kevin Swihart is Mr. November!  Kevin has had a passion for fitness from a young age as a competitive swimmer.  After competing in the CrossFit open, Kevin was immediately drawn to the variety of CrossFit work outs and the support the community provides.  Kevin fit right into our CrossFit family has been a huge supporter of events that we’ve been involved in.  He is a hard worker and completely dedicated to performing his best in every work out.


CS:  Tell us about work and hobbies.

KS:  I am a pharmacist, and I work in a hospital based clinic specializing in the treatment of Infectious Diseases. My role allows me the opportunity to impact the lives of those confronting their mortality as well as facing the stigma of HIV.

My hobbies include travel, reading, cooking, biking, and swimming.

CS:  What is your athletic experience including time CrossFitting?

KS:  I swam competitively from the age of 8 to 22. After college (Butler) I swam briefly for a masters team in Indy, but my interest waned and I starting lifting weights on my own. To help focus I started working with a personal trainer in 2006. His area of expertise is physique competition. I went to a few physique competitions and was inspired by the training required.   I competed in a show in 2012. I am a bit shy, so that experience was beyond painful. But I am thankful for all that I learned.

I started some aspects of Crossfit in 2012 while preparing for the show. Early in 2014 I read about The Open, and  “everyone should do it!”.   So without knowing much about it, I signed up. I figured that it couldn’t be worse than standing on stage in posing panties. I did every workout at Sworn and I received an amazing amount of encouragement and support. I wanted to be a part of this community, so I activated my membership in April.

CS:  What is your favorite move/wod?

KS:  I love watching people do muscle-ups. I tend to prefer WODs that test endurance.

CS:  What is your least favorite move/wod?

KS: Sometimes DUs really get me down. Overhead squats are probably my least favorite.

CS:  How has CrossFit changed your life?

KS:  Crossfit has broadened my perspective on fitness to include mobility and gymnastic movements. I love the “constantly varied” aspect of training. I think the sense of community is really cool too.

CS:  What is your greatest Crossfit accomplishment and future goal?

KS:  I am proud that I finished The Open. One future goal is to do DUs.

CS:  What motivates you to stay fit?

KS:  Exercise makes me feel great. Crossfit offers the opportunity to set and accomplish goals. Fitness is art.

CS:  What advise would you give to someone thinking of starting CrossFit or new to CrossFit?

KS:  Focus on you, not on what others can do.

CS:  What is something we don’t know about you?

KS:  My twin brother and I placed first (separate events) in the Indiana State swimming championship the summer we were 14.

CS:  If you were not in the gym you would be … ?

KS:  Scheming



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  1. I am a huge Kevin fan! I always enjoy working out with you. You motivate me to do my best and keep things light and fun. I hope you stick around for years to come! Thanks for being a great person and demonstrating that hard work ethic!

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